The OneTake Lifestyle Nutrition Plan!

Over the couple of month, I’ve been working with over 300 people on my online lifestyle nutrition plan.  I brought on board Clare, a lifestyle coach, and her coaching along with my nutritional advice and guidance has produced outstanding results.

The physical and mental health benefits which people have experienced has been fantastic! Individuals have lost many pounds in weight, reported lower blood pressure, their symptoms of depression have become less intense and they have more energy! They seem to have found focus and found a convenient plan which took the emphasis off just losing weight, and which offered a lifestyle solution to their nutritional needs.

The results have been so good that I want to offer further online support and be able to offer something even better!  So, I’ve worked with Clare and together we’ve developed The OneTake Lifestyle Nutrition Plan.  This is a plan which we believe is the best and most affordable online programme around.  Until now, this kind of in depth programme has only been available to our 1:1 clients

Imagine how amazing you’ll feel in a month, in 3 months, in 6 months time, if you follow a healthy nutritional lifestyle! 

You will:

  • Lose weight and/or learn to maintain it
  • See physical and mental health improvements
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep better
  • Never EVER have to diet again
  • Plus many more benefits!

The One Take Lifestyle Nutrition Plan


  • Opportunity to follow the plan for up to 6 months
  • Pay a month at a time in advance, with the option to opt out of the plan at anytime with no cost to you
  • Commit to paying for the full 6 months in advance and receive extra content
  • Month 1 to launch on Wednesday 14th August (individuals can start anytime after this date, although timing of webinars will be scheduled to coincide with this launch date)

Each month will kick off with a webinar (or access to the recording), to set the scene for that month.  To keep your mind and body on their toes and to avoid that dreaded ‘plateau’,  the plan is designed to address a different issue each month.


Here's what we'll be starting with...

Month 1

  • we’ll look at the ‘hormonal profiling questionnaire’.  We’ll take you through how to complete it and what the results mean.  The nutritional focus for the whole month will be about getting it right for your ‘hormonal type’.
  • we’ll focus on getting your mindset right for successful goal setting.  The life coaching focus for the whole month will be to get you to retrain your mindset.

 Month 2

  • Carbohydrate Manipulation.  You’ll receive expert advice on the most effective times to eat and when not to eat certain carbohydrates to see maximum results.  This will be the focus of the nutrition plan for the month.
  • The life coaching focus will be on self limiting beliefs, how to recognise and overcome them.
  • Each month will provide a second webinar half way through where we can answer your questions live online and check on your progress, then later a final webinar to wrap up the month.
  • You will receive a new recipe book every month, so you don’t need to struggle to find new ideas for meals.

So, what about exercise? 

Well, we’ll provide you with a monthly exercise plan.  It’s optional but well worth completing as it will sky rocket your results!  Each month you will be provided with 3 workouts to complete each week, each lasting around 30 minutes.  These are tried and tested workouts which I have used on hundreds of my clients, that you can do in the comfort of your own home with no equipment at all.  To make this easier, you will be provided with a video of the exercises so you’ll know exactly what to do!

Each month you’ll have access to the Facebook support group, access to both myself and Clare online and will receive regular emails with information and support.

Don’t think you can’t enjoy the odd treat or night out!  We’ll show you how to ‘treat’ yourself and how it can actually benefit your results!  Throughout the course of the 6 months, we’ll take you through eating out, how to survive the business breakfast meeting and hitting the buffet without straying too far from the plan, etc. We’ll even show you how you can minimise the impact of a holiday or even Christmas!

Throughout the 6 months you’ll have support to develop your own action plan to keep you on track and keep you focused on the results you plan to achieve.

The comprehensive information included in this plan really is usually reserved for 1:1 clients and you certainly wont get this kind of programme from a mainstream diet club, a gym or even from the average personal trainer!

The cost*

 This Should Be Only £67 per month!!

BUT, we’re offering you the One Take Lifestyle Nutrition Plan at an almost 50% discount until midnight on Sunday 29th September GMT.


That’s right!  Take action before midnight Sunday 11th August GMT and you’ll get the entire plan for

ONLY £35 per month!! 

That’s just £210 for 6 months!!

Buy Now!


  • Pay for 6 months up front at the reduced cost of £210 and receive 3 x 45 minute coaching sessions (skype, phone or at the studio), with me and/or Clare to be taken at any point over the 6 months.  Worth £141

  Buy Now!

  • First 20 people to register will receive a copy of my Healthy Curry Recipe eBook.  Usually £15
  • First 10 people to register will receive a 45 minute coaching session (skype, phone or at the studio) with me and/or Clare to address your individual needs regarding nutrition, exercise, life coaching or a mix.  Worth a minimum £47.
  • Register for 6 months up front after midnight on Sunday 29th September and pay for only 5 at £335.  Receive the 6th month totally free, plus claim your 3 coaching sessions!

Buy Now!


I’m sure you’ll agree that we’re offering excellent value for money and ensuring that good health does not have to come at an unaffordable cost.

If you’re serious about committing  to a healthier lifestyle, then don’t delay and sign up! I really would like to support you on your journey!




*1 the plan is billed monthly in advance by paypal and you are free to cancel at anytime over the month to prevent participating in the plan the following month.
*2 if we do not reach the minimum amount of people and are therefore unable to launch the plan, any money paid will be refunded before Wednesday 14th August and email notification of cancellation will be given.